LPCS Academic Advising

The Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies advises 200-300 majors and 700-900 minors. Currently, faculty members are responsible for the advising of majors and the minor advising is done by Suzann Winn, Academic Advisor. Each faculty member holds their own office hours.

Suzann Winn
Academic Advisor
Main 204 9 am to 5 pm
Summer Office Hours M-F 9:30-5:00

Sara Favero
Peer Advisor 2015-2016
Office Hours: F 10:00-12:00

Walk-in Appointments - COME TO MAIN 204 10 "Check in Desk"
1/2 Hour Appointments   sign up @http://chassadvising.usu.edu/
Walk-in Appointments: Tuesday (10-12),  Friday (10-12
1/2 Hour Appointments: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (10:00-4:00Tuesday, Friday (1:00-4:00)

During Fall and Spring semesters, there is a peer advisor in the main office that can answer student questions. This student has experience with USU and can help answer questions when a faculty advisor is not available.

A peer advisor is a student in the department who has experience finding and choosing coursework and can answer your questions about majors/minors, graduation requirements, and university policies. He or she can help you plan a course schedule which helps fulfill your goals and major requirements. The peer advisor is an advocate for students and understands concerns from a student perspective.