Gordon Steinhoff
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Contact Information:
0720 Old Main Hill
Utah State University
Logan, Utah 84322-0720

(435) 797-3688
Office: Main 202 D

Educational Background
B.S., B.A. Utah State University
M.Sc. University of British Columbia
M.A, Ph.D., Indiana University

Courses Regularly Taught
Deductive Logic
Practical Logic
Philosophy of Science
Philosophies of East Asia

Current Research Interests
Environmental Philosophy

Recent Publications/Presentations
"Communication and the Aesthetic Appreciation of Wetlands," The 12th International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment, Kona, Hawaii, June 2006.

"Federal Environmental Impact Statements: Overly Inflated Needs Result in Needless Environmental Harm," Electronic Green Journal Spring 2006, v. 23, available: http://egj.lib.uidaho.edu/egj23/steinhoff1.html

"Section 4(f) and Transportation Planning: Citizen Ideals vs. Consumer Preferences," in Finding our Way(s) in Environmental Communication: Proceedings of the Seventh Biennial Conference on Communication and Environment, edited by Gregg B. Walker and William J. Kinsella (Corvallis, OR: Department of Speech Communication, Oregon State University, May 2005), pp. 159-167.

"Alternatives Evaluation under NEPA: What Constitutes a 'Reasonable' Alternative?,"International Journal of Applied Philosophy 2004, v. 18, pp. 77-93.

"Kant's Reply to Hume in the Second Analogy," Paidia Project On-Line: Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy.

"Environmental Aesthetics and Highway Design," presented to the 28th Conference on Value Inquiry.

"Environmental Aesthetics and Public Policy: Applying the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act," The Beauty Around Us: Environmental Aesthetics in The Scenic Landscape and Beyond, edited by Diane P. Michelfelder and William H. Wilcox, forthcoming in Suny Press

Curriculum Vitae