Jason Gilmore
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Contact  Information:
0720 Old Main Hill
Utah State University
Logan, Ut  84322-0720

Office: Main 002F

Educational Background
PhD, University of Washington, 2013 – Global Communication
MSS, University of Colorado at Denver, 2007 – International Studies
BA, University of Colorado at Denver, 1999 – International Studies

Courses Regularly Taught

CMST 1330 Introduction to Global Communication

CMST 3270 Culture and Public Discourse
CMST 3330 Intercultural Communication

CMST 4330 Advanced Perspectives on Global Communication

 Current Research Interests
National identity discourse (e.g. American exceptionalism)
Presidential discourse at the international and transnational levels
Effects of global discourse on cognition and public opinion

Communicating human difference

Recent Publications

Gilmore, J., Sheets, P., and Rowling, C.M. (In Press). Make no exception, save one: American exceptionalism and its culmination in the age of Obama. Communication Monographs.

Rowling, C.M., Gilmore, J., and Sheets, P. (2015). When threats are internal: Cascading frames, national identity, and the U.S. war in Afghanistan. International Journal of Press/Politics, 20 (4), 478-479.

Gilmore, J. (2015). American exceptionalism in the American mind: Presidential discourse, national identity and U.S. public opinion. Communication Studies, 66(3), 301-320.

Gilmore, J. (2014).
Translating American exceptionalism: Presidential discourse about the United States in comparative perspective. International Journal of Communication, 9, 22.

Gilmore, J., & Howard, P. N. (2014). Digital media use and sophistication in the 2010 national elections in Brazil, in B. Grofman and A. Treschel, The Internet and Democracy in Global Perspective: Voters, Candidates, Parties, and Social Movements, Springer-Verlag.

Gilmore, J., Meeks, L. & Domke, D. (2013). Why do (we think) they hate us?: National identity, news content and attributions of blame. International Journal of Communication, 7, 21.

Gilmore, J. (2012). Ditching the pack: Digital media in the 2010 Brazilian congressional campaigns. New Media and Society, 14(4), 617-633.

Curriculum Vitae