Marcus Brasileiro

Assistant Professor of Brazilian Literature and Culture

Contact Information:

0720 Old Main Hill
Utah State University
Logan, Utah 84322-0720
(435) 797-8539
Office: Main 002 L

In general terms, my participations in conferences and the articles published are an extension of my research interest in Brazilian culture. In more specific terms, the focus of my research is contemporary Brazilian cultural production, with emphasis on twentieth century and contemporary Brazilian literature, cinema and music and its interface with political struggles and social movements. During this period, Brazil endured two political dictatorships in the twentieth century, a civil dictatorship under President Getúlio Vargas from 1937 to 1945 and a military dictatorship that lasted twenty-one years, from 1964 to 1985. In my work, I use the Brazilian artistic production to discuss the different modes of representations of social issues that challenge the democratization process of Brazilian society: patriarchy, authoritarianism, gender and sexuality, race relations, and immigration issues.


1. Edited Book:
• Migration in Lusophone Cinema (With Cacilda Rêgo). Palgrave Macmillan (2014). Link:êgo/?K=9781137408914

2. Guest Editor for Academic Journal:
Imagens da devastação, special issue of the academic journal Literatura e Autoritarismo, published by UFSM – Federal University of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This volume was organized in collaboration with Prof. Ana Maria Domingues (UNESP - Brazil) and Prof. Eduardo Sterzi (UNICAMP - Brazil). Link:

3. Peer-reviewed Academic Journal Articles:
Narrativas de Deslocamento e Pertencimento na Literatura Brasileira Contemporânea. Peer-Reviewed Journal: The Postcolonialist. (Fall 2014). Link:

A dialética entre o Eu e o Outro em Viagem ao México, de Silviano Santiago. Hispanófila, Department of Romance Languages. The University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill. 2013.

A metáfora da viagem em João Gilberto Noll. Peer review journal Contexto (UFES – Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil). N.: 19 (Jan./Jun 2011). Vitoria: EUDFES: UFES, Programa de Pós Graduação em Letras, 2011.

Torquato Neto na Geléia Geral Brasileira. Peer review journal Literatura e Autoritarismo, published by UFSM – Federal University of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil/ CNPq – Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico, Brazil, 2010.

4. Peer-reviewed Book Chapters:
Introduction. In. : Migration in Lusophone Cinema (With Cacilda Rêgo). Palgrave Macmillan (2014).

• Diaspora in Brazilian Cinema. In.: The Directory of Brazilian Cinema. Intelect Press, UK. This chapter was done in collaboration with Prof. Cacilda Rego and Prof. Carolina Rocha.

Can the Feminine Speak? Narrating Madalena and Macabéa. In.: The Woman in Latin American and Spanish Literature. Edited by Eva Bueno and Maria Claudia André. McFarland, 2012.

Signos do Interdito: Considerações sobre o Sujeito Desejante em A Confissão de Lúcio. In: Coleção Diversidades. Edited by , Francisco de Oliveira Barros & Solimar Oliveira Lima. Ed. Booklink, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2007.

5. Translations:
• Translation from English of Young, Robert J.C. “O Atlântico lusotropical: Gilberto Freyre e a transformacão do hibridismo”. Gilberto Freyre e os estudos latino-americanos. Lund, Joshua & McNee, Malcolm, eds. Série Criticas. Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana. University of Pittsburgh, 2006. 99 – 121.
• Translation from English of Burke, Peter. “Gilberto Freyre e a história cultural”. Gilberto Freyre e os estudos latino-americanos . Lund, Joshua & McNee, Malcolm, eds. Série Criticas. Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana. University of Pittsburgh, 2006. 335 – 350

6. Book Reviews:
Review of The Triumph of Brazilian Modernism: The Metanarrative of Emancipation and Counter-Narratives. By Saulo Gouveia. Academic Journal Chasqui, Spring 2015.

Review of Berimbau: The Soul of Brazilian Music, by Eric A. Galm. Book Review. Studies in Latin American Popular Culture. The University of Texas Press, Austin, TX. Vol., 29. 2011.

7. Peer-reviewed Academic Presentations:
Presenter: Literature and Democratic Demands in Contemporary Brazil – Latin America Association (LASA), San Juan - Puerto Rico. May 27 – 30, 2015.

Presenter: Love and Democratic Demands: Notes on Marcelino Freire’s Amar é crime (2010) - Brazilian Studies Association (BRASA), London 2014. Aug, 2014.

Panel moderator: Interdisciplany Aproach to the Brazilian Dictatorship - Brazilian Studies Association (BRASA), London 2014. Aug, 2014.

Presenter: Confronting Patriarchalism in Brazilian Literature. LASA (Latin American Studies Association), Washinghton, DC. May. 2012 (abstract submitted on the panel Reflections on the Representations of Women in Latin American Literature).

Presenter: Dislocation and Subjectivity: Noll in Berkeley, London, and Bellagio. MLA, Seattle. Jan. 2012 (paper presented on the panel Unofficial Lusophone Spaces).

Presenter: Brazilian Cinema and Diaspora. Panel on BRASA, Brazilian Studies Association. University of Illinois, June 2012.

Presenter: Subjetivity and Displacement in Contemporary Brazilian Cinema. ICA (International Congress of Americanists). Vienna, Austria, July 2012. (paper presented on the panel Latin American Cinemas after Year 2000).

Presenter: Direitos Humanos e formação para a diversidade. MLA, Los Angeles, Jan. 2010 (Paper presented on the panel Human Rights and Literature Today).

Presenter: Torquato Neto na Geléia Geral brasileira. BRASA (Brazilian Studies Association), New Orleans, March 2008.

Presenter: A crise é a prova dos nove: uma leitura sobre João Gilberto Noll. APSA (American Portuguese Association), Minneapolis, October 2006.

Presenter: Silviano Santiago: uma narrativa Em Liberdade. ABRALIC (Brazilian Association of Comparative Literature), Rio de Janeiro, August 2006.

Presenter: Torquato Neto: o anjo maldito tropicalista. BRASA (Brazilian Studies Association), Nashville, October 2006.
• Presenter: New Technologies Applied to Teaching Language. VII Brazilian Congress of Portuguese Language, PUC-SP, São Paulo, April 2000

8. Conferences and Symposia/Professional Development:
Participant. Writing Grant Proposals for The Arts and Humanities. Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Utah State University. Feb, 10, 2014.

Participant. OPI - Oral Profissiance Interview Assessment Workshop. American Concil on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Univesity of Utah, Jan 18-19, 2014.

Panel Moderator: The Seventh Annual Student Research Symposium. Department of Languages, Philosophy and Speech Communication.

• Participant. CARLA Workshop: Online Tools for Digital Storytelling. University of Minnesota.

Participant. CARLA Workshop: A Classroom NewsWiki: Using Wikis for Group Projects. University of Minnesota.

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